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Whiplash Injury Treatment


Whiplash injury is a very common type of neck injury. It is normally caused by the rapid forward or backward direction motion of the head. It is most commonly caused by a front or rear collision in a motor vehicle accident. Sporting injuries can often result in a whiplash type of condition. It is most often not a fatal injury however if it isn’t treated right away it can cause a lot of pain and disturbance in your daily life as well.


The most common symptom of whiplash injury is severe neck pain. Sometimes the pain can get so severe that the person can’t even move their head in any direction. It can also cause headache and stiffness in the shoulder region. In addition to physical symptoms, whiplash also has a lot of psychological symptoms as well. It can cause high levels of stress, anxiety, and depression.

Whiplash Injury Treatment

No matter the reason for the injury, if you experience any of the whiplash injury symptoms mentioned above, you should consult with a doctor. Visiting a medical doctor is good but the visit should always be complemented by a visit to a professional chiropractor. The medical doctor may give you some pain relief medication along with a neck collar for support however it will not help in fully treating your whiplash injury. In order to effectively treat your whiplash injury, you need to visit an experienced and skilled chiropractor.

Chiropractors can sometimes diagnose such injuries even before a medical doctor. Chiropractors know your body from the inside. They know how to move or “adjust” your spine and other bones in the body. They are trained to detect through palpation, misalignment’s in all areas of your spine and then realign them, which relieves the pinched nerve brought on by the whiplash. Chiropractors adjust the injured area in such a way that not only is the pain decreased but your body’s biomechanics are also restored to proper function. Chiropractors can also recommend some effective exercises for you to perform at home that would definitely help you with the healing process. It should be noted that there is no specific time frame for the treatment of whiplash injury. Sometimes it can be resolved within a few weeks and sometimes the injury can become chronic and last for several months or longer. So it is crucial to get help from a professional chiropractor if you want to get quick relief from the pain caused by whiplash injury.

Where Can You Find The Best Chiropractor For Your Whiplash Injury In Stuart, Florida

If you are suffering from whiplash injury then chances are that you would be researching the best chiropractors near you. You are in luck if you are in Florida. Kemner Chiropractic in Stuart, Florida is state of the art chiropractic clinic. The clinic is run by Dr. Kevin Kemner. Dr. Kemner is a skilled chiropractor with years of experience in the respective field. Gone are the days when chiropractic treatment was performed only with the help of hands. In this era of technology, there are specialized chiropractic machines that can help you treat your whiplash injury. Kemner Chiropractic has state of the art chiropractic equipment which shows the passion that Dr. Kemner has for treating spinal issues through chiropractic treatment.

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