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Causes of Back Pain

Some causes that are associated with back pain are, over exertion from heavy lifting, a sports injury and accidents. In these situations, the muscles and ligaments in the back get strained causing pain. Because of the tightening of the muscles the vertebrae that they attach to gets wrenched out of place or subluxated resulting in the nerve root being irritated. Another cause is a bulging or herniated disc. This is when the disc, which is a cushion between the bones in your spine, becomes unstable and presses on the spinal nerve root.

Arthritis is another disease which creates a condition called spinal stenosis; in this case the spinal canal, where the spinal cord is housed, becomes smaller due to the arthritic changes in the spine. Skeletal irregularities such as scoliosis are also a cause of back pain which can occur at any age.

Osteoporosis is another pathology that results in loss of bone density causing them to become weak and brittle. When this affects the vertebrae it often times causes compression fractures leading to nerve irritation. This is seen in the elderly. There are other causes of back pain aside from the ones that are listed above but these are some of the more common ones seen among people.

There are different approaches being used to treat back pain such as medications (narcotics, antidepressants, muscle relaxers, injections, OTC pain relievers etc), physical therapy, massage, exercises and surgery. These methods all have their place but none address the bio mechanic condition of the pinched nerve do to vertebrae misalignment like the chiropractic adjustment does.

The symptoms you will notice for back pain include:

  • muscle ache
  • pain that radiates down your leg
  • shooting and stabbing pain
  • pain that worsens with bending, walking, lifting or standing
  • pain that sometime gets better when you are in a reclining position

Knowing these symptoms and performing an orthopedic exam your chiropractor can diagnose the cause of your back pain. The chiropractic adjustment continues to be one of the most effective techniques in relieving back pain.

Chiropractic Treatment For Back Pain

The chiropractic adjustment is a technique used for not only back pain but other kinds of pains as well. Many people are now considering chiropractic because it does not involve the use of medication or surgery. Every day millions of adjustments are given to adults and children throughout the world. It has been proven to be successful and continues to gain world-wide recognition as this form of healthcare not only relieves pain but also restores proper biomechanics. Chiropractors are well educated, perform physical exams, order any needed diagnostic tests to establish a diagnosis before rendering treatment. Call Kemner Chiropractic at 772-261-8847 for a free evaluation of your condition.

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Been dealing with lower back and hip problems for years. Have been to other Chiropractors and Massage therapist with minimal positive results. I gave Kemner Chiropractic a call and scheduled with Kevin. On my first visit Kevin found my problem. He told me to stop carrying my wallet in my back pocket and gave me a great adjustment. Problem solved, I am pain free. Give Kevin a try, I’m glad I did.

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